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enozo translates to Ozone or Activated Oxygen and as you’ve guessed, it’s the prime active in our skincare products.

Our Ozone / Activated Oxygen business started in 2017 when Enozo Skincare was founded by Ms Jannene Wessels who as a Porphyria Variegate sufferer (Porphy what?… in short hypersensitivity and more towards products containing sulphates, chemicals and preservatives) had found a keen interest in Ozone and its potential towards skincare. Growing tired of applying topical creams that would only soften her skin without making it stronger, and with her newly acquired knowledge on activated oxygen, Jannene set out to create a personalised skincare product and routine that would suit her needs best.

After establishing a close working relationship with a team of professionals, our unique product was created. Family and friends were interested and with time new clients turned into loyal customers.

High quality and approved ingredients are carefully selected with strict quality control in a professional CTFA and SABS approved laboratory to consistently maintain our high standards and continuously ensure that our products are cruelty free.

“Enozo Cosmetics will always be inspired by natural beauty, and aim to channel that inspiration into our products. Our desire is to provide quality skincare that enhance your natural beauty from within by enhancing the health of your skin. We value integrity, honesty and respect for humankind and animal kingdoms alike”

The enozo mission statement

Our main platform of trading is right here, through our online store for your 24/7 shopping convenience and deliver through our preferred courier provider country-wide. As the business grows, we hope to have stores available in major metropolitans in the near future.

Nationwide Delivery

Head Office
Enozo Cosmetics (Pty) Ltd, The Willows, Pretoria, South Africa, 0081

Skincare products exclusively manufactured for Enozo Cosmetics by BCMS, an independent CTFA and SABS certified laboratory, Johannesburg, South Africa

Email: info@enozo.co.za

Tel: +27 (82) 630 6315 (Calls / SMS / Whatsapp)